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Primary Leadership Consultancy

Charlotte is a former experienced headteacher from Sefton Local Authority who was appointed to a school that had been placed in the Ofsted category ‘Notice to Improve’ and rapidly led it to a school judged to be ‘good with outstanding features’. During her 6 year term of leadership she also established a highly successful Phase 2 Children’s Centre within the school and established excellent links with the community. She left headship in September 2012 to set up her own educational consultancy, providing school improvement services and Forest School training and support. Charlotte now spends part of her time supporting primary schools as an independent education consultant and delivering training to school leaders and governors with her husband, John. She is available to work with headteachers, senior leaders, governors and the full spectrum of teaching and support staff and can support either individual schools or networks.

“The support Charlotte has provided to our school has been of huge value. She very quickly understood the strengths, dynamics and where it needed to go next. Through highly effective support to leaders at all levels, improvements are already being seen. Her style is systematic and thorough, underpinned by high expectations, delivered in a way that is respectful and supportive.” Testimonial from Kerry Lakin, headteacher at Queen Mary Avenue Infants School, Cleethorpes (December 2016).

Over the past twelve years as a headteacher and an Independent Education Consultant, Charlotte has acquired substantial experience in financial management within a constrained budget, establishing effective links with parents and the community and building a governing body with excellent skills in support and challenge. She trained as a leadership coach through the Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL), has mentored aspiring headteachers through the Sefton Association for Primary Headteachers’ leadership programme and has run a ‘New to Middle Leadership Development Programme’ for three different networks of schools. Since September 2013 Charlotte has been providing leadership support to schools in North East Lincolnshire on behalf of SERCO and the local authority. This work has focused on the development of senior and middle leadership through bespoke support programmes which have included data analysis, school improvement planning and paired monitoring of teaching.

Specific areas of expertise and support:

  • Coaching and support for new and recently appointed headteachers, e.g. preparing for your first governors’ meeting, monitoring the budget, getting the most from your premises, effective appraisal, establishing a self-evaluation cycle,
  • Monitoring of teaching through a wide range of activities, including the scrutiny of planning, the analysis of pupils’ work and paired lesson observations.
  • Analysing pupil progress in all year groups and across key stages and using the findings to inform School Improvement Plans and key stakeholders in support of school self evaluation.
  • Monitoring and developing high quality Early Years practice.
  • Raising standards for all groups of pupils through effective provision planning.
  • Using target setting to raise achievement and support teacher appraisal.
  • Training for senior and middle leaders with specific curriculum responsibilities.
  • Governor support and training.

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